UV Protection/Sunblock

My 7 Skincare Essentials

I use Dermagold Tinted Sunblock with SPF 30+ on days when a little make-up is appropriate. It allows me to get ready faster whenever I need to head outdoor. I like that it gives me a good coverage without the heavy feeling of having foundation on. - Michelle Hon, Mummy Blogger and Model @ http://www.thechillmom.com/


My Current Skincare Routine Feat. DERMAGOLD

I personally have sensitive skin, and find their products to be very soothing and kind to my skin so far. (So if you have sensitive skin, Dermagold would be ideal for you) Skin care may require discipline to religiously apply the products, but trust me the results are worth it. Their products are also great for layering and do not clog your pores! - Nicole Chang Min @ http://www.nicolechangmin.blogspot.sg/


Dermagold (featuring Dermagold Sensitive Skin System)

Was super excited to give Dermagold's products a try because they have a whole range of products that are so suitable for my skin problems! I have extremely sensitive skin so for those who are like me, these products would probably work the same for you because I really believe there isn't anyone else who has even more sensitive skin than I do... - Shanice Ang @ http://www.backatreality.blogspot.sg/


Tools of the Trade (featuring Dermagold Men Sports Sunblock SPF30)

Personally, I hate putting sunblock on, especially since they usually leave the hands oily, which results in slippery fingers when you use the camera, or a sliding grip on the steering wheel, two things you don't want to have to deal with.
I'm lucky this one doesn't give that bad oily feel, so I can quickly slather it all over my face and run to shoot cars the next minute! And best of all, it doesn't leave that white cast over my face, I don't look like an "ang moh" (read white guy) tourist either! - Benjamin Attard @ http://www.powaagarage.com/


Dermagold: Simply Effective Skincare Solutions That Feel Great And Work Wonders

If you’re serious about improving the condition of your skin and are looking for a fuss-free skincare system that actually works, I would recommend DERMAGOLD.

- Sesame @vivawoman.net, one of Singapore's top beauty bloggers

Sunblock you want to wear. I am always on the lookout for sunblocks which provide both adequate sun damage protection and ease of use. DERMAGOLD Tinted Sunblock SPF36 for daily wear and DERMAGOLD Sheer Sun Protector SPF30 for water activities tick the boxes and more for me with a convenient pump dispenser, light texture that distributes evenly into the skin with no streaking. My skin is left looking natural, feels moisturized not greasy, wearing well through the day on its own or under make-up. The refreshing scent is a plus and makes you want to wear it!

- J Lee, 42, Homemaker