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About Dermagold


For Skin You Dare To Bare
“Daring to bare your skin is also not only about having flawless skin to bare It is about daring to bare even if we have imperfections and being willing to be on a journey to improve your skin with DERMAGOLD. It is also about being truly you, and daring to show and be your true self.”

Dermagold is an independent skincare brand, made for the discerning user who is serious about simple and effective skincare, beyond the trends and fads. We firmly believe that real, bare-faced beauty is confident and empowering, and should be the core foundation of every woman or man.

Harnessing the best of science and nature in one, Dermagold combines proven scientific findings with powerful ingredients from nature to formulate award-winning products that not only produce highly effective results, but are also a joy to use as a daily beauty ritual.

Because we believe that skincare is personal, the Dermagold experience has been designed as a modular-based system that can be arranged to best fit your specific skin concerns, at any stage of your life. Proudly homegrown in Singapore, our products have been specifically crafted to manage Asian skin types and are suited for a humid, tropical climate.

For skin you dare to bare, only with Dermagold

The Founders

A journey of reinvention

Dermagold is a product of curiosity, love and passion created by two doctors and childhood friends, Grace and Luping. What began as personal quests to solve their skincare woes and achieve flawless complexions as young adults led to a full-fledged adventure that is the Dermagold brand today.

Driven by their search for the perfect skin solution and bolstered by their medical backgrounds, the duo was able to leverage their clinical insight into the creation of Dermagold. Combining Grace’s natural interest in skincare concepts and ingredients with Luping’s keen eye for design and aesthetics, Dermagold was born to perfectly satisfy their desire for skincare that is simple, effective and lovely to the senses – not just for themselves but for anyone who desires beautifully bare skin.

Now ten years on, Dermagold is continually reinventing itself along with its founders, achieving new levels of skincare efficacy and growth together with your skin’s life journey.