Award-winning Purifying Scrub

No wonder the Purifying Scrub is a Harper’s Bazaar Award Winner

Its no wonder the Purifying Scrub is a Harper’s Bazaar Award Winner because it really was gentle and it didn’t feel harsh like rubbing sandpaper against my skin! Instead, it made my skin feel soft and brighter after wash and it didn’t comprimise on the moisture that most exfoliatants would so no excuses for those of you with dry skin. The Brightening Revitalizer was a bonus and I love how it can be used as a hydrating serum on its own. A winning combo for sure. - Isabelle Wati Rosta @


3 Steps to Getting a Fairer Complexion

Your face is your canvas, and so its important to have a squeaky clean one before the nutrients of other skincare can be absorbed well. This Dermagold 2-step scrub cleanse system, not only exfoliates the toughest of impurities embedded in skin but also nourishes it simultaneously. - June du jour @, beauty blogger finalist 2014

Dermagold 's Award Winning Purifying Scrub and Brightening Revitalizer (Invited Testing)

I really like that the formula for their series of products also caters to our Singaporean skin, unlike mass produced overseas products. So its good effects, for some people, might be more apparent when we use it. - Janel Ku @

Dermagold Review: 1 + 1 Brightening Treatment @ Home!

I was really impressed of the immediate result after just one time of usage, it instantly brighten up my skin and look smoother! I would definitely recommend you to check out this 1+1 Brightening treatment, as well as Dermagold’s other products! - Mummy blogger Kelynn Nai @