Award-winning Hydra Recovery Gel

My quest for suitable skincare products for my ultra sensitive skin continues with Hydra Recovery Gel from Dermagold

Overall, I loved the product for its texture and being multi-purpose. I am sure I will reach out for it almost everyday because my skin is very dry recently. I'll be also using this to calm my face down during any face emergency from using the wrong products, so thanks for sending me a life-saver.

Bonus Tip:
Apply a thick layer once a week as a mask for a hydration boost. It acts like a sleeping water mask as the gel quickly gets absorbed by the skin when its applied. I have personally tried it and it works so well for me. Due to my skin sensitivity it is now very risky to apply mask sheets as they sometime contain ingredients that aggravates my skin. - Pearly Tan (Eczema sufferer, has ultra sensitive skin) @


Review: Dermagold Miracle Trio System | Miracle C+, Skin Elixir and Hydra Recovery Gel

My skin has been abysmal since I was a teenager. I was plagued by acne, which left me with scars all over my cheeks and chin. When I started working, I started seeing a dermatologist, who told me that my skin was confused (dry cheeks and oily T-zone), and it wasn’t good that I was still getting acne at my, uhhmm, advanced age. She prescribed me some of her products and a simple routine of wash, moisturise and sunblock. Since then, I have not varied in my skincare routine.

Last year, I went to London and my skin went berserk in the cold, dry air. My normal moisturiser just did not cut it and I broke out in terrible acne which took weeks to subside. With trips to Europe and wintry Australia planned for 2017, I was rather worried about how my skin would react.

The result? No dry skin, no inflamed skin and no nasty flare-ups.

I continued with this routine back home and then recently brought the arsenal of products with me to Perth in June. Which was winter. Which was cold and dry. And again, my skin remained well and happy. - Yann (Working Mum) @


Dermagold (featuring Dermagold Sensitive Skin System)

Was super excited to give Dermagold's products a try because they have a whole range of products that are so suitable for my skin problems! I have extremely sensitive skin so for those who are like me, these products would probably work the same for you because I really believe there isn't anyone else who has even more sensitive skin than I do... - Shanice Ang @


My Skin's SOS Saviors: Dermagold

Overall, I’m really impressed by Dermagold’s products. Certainly the Skin Elixir has impressed me, and has become an integral part of my skincare routine and I will be restocking once this one runs out. Miracle C+ is very effective and I would recommend this to anybody with pigmentation concerns. The Hydra Recovery Gel is a great one for keeping on standby for those who are prone to sudden sensitivities. - Linda Mok @


Perfect Skincare Solution - Dermagold - Delicate Skin Cleansing Mousse + Hydra Recovery Gel

I’ve always loved skincare, and cleansers are always my favourite products to pick out and swap around when I feel like my skin needs it. Having to try out a few brand of cleanser and i really love this ! - Mummy blogger Kelynn Nai @

"Miracle C + is simply wonderful and feels good. Hydra Recovery Gel is very effective in calming down skin and feels great."

-LFK, 46

“I am a big fan of DERMAGOLD skin care. My favorite products include the Miracle C Plus, Brightening Revitalizer and Hydra Recovery Gel. I have used them for many years and I depend on them to keep my skin clear and supple. The Hydra Recovery Gel is especially a great product which I use when I travel (works super well in cold countries and on the plane) as a moisturizer, a mask (face & eyes) and a healing gel for minor cuts. DERMAGOLD skin care products have a pleasant smell and are effective.”

- Vereen Loh, 38, Yield Manager for Microsoft