Superberry Seabuckthorn


Benefits of the seabuckthorn berry for your skin

One of nature’s wondrous offerings, the various parts of the seabuckthorn (berries, bark, and leaves included) have been found to be rich in antioxidants, essential amino acids, vitamin E, rare Omega 7 and 190 other bioactive nutrients. These compounds translate into a wide-ranging benefits of a nutritious skin food which include:

• Anti-aging properties – decrease in wrinkles and fine lines

• Acne treatment – sebum control and scar treatments

• Moisture boosting – particularly for dry and damaged skin

• Natural skin healing and regeneration

• Protection against harmful UV rays

Facts about Seabuckthorn

• Seabuckthorn provides 10 times more vitamin C than oranges.

• Seabuckthorn is also high in vitamins A and E, which benefit the skin

• It is the 3rd highest source of Vitamin E in the plant world.

• It is rich in Omega 3, like fish, which helps prevent heart disease and stroke, Omega 6, Omega 9 and Omega 7

For centuries now, several cultures ranging from the Tibetans in the East to the Greeks in the West have marvelled over the health benefits achieved by a hardy berry which grows only in the harshest climates. From Genghis Khan who used it to provide stamina and promote combat recovery amongst his army and their steads, to the Russians who use it to treat frostbites in their freezing climates, the world over has always treated the seabuckthorn berry (Hippophae Rhamnoides) with its due respect. The benefits of this ‘miracle berry’ has been particularly extolled in Tibetan medical literature, with almost a third of the pages of the famed Sibu Yidian.

Miracle berries for your skin, made in Singapore

Right here at home, Dermagold is the first local skincare brand to successfully harness the wondrous benefits of this miracle berry. While many of the Dermagold range of products contain seabuckthorn, DERMAGOLD SKIN ELIXIR is Dermagold’s star product with seabuckthorn that has won more hearts and skincare battles than the others. DERMAGOLD SKIN ELIXIR is a multi-purpose skin nutrient powerhouse that surpasses an ordinary moisturiser. Besides regenerating and strengthening skin, it also heals and restores free radical damage leaving skin beautiful, glowing, and radiant! While the modest-looking berry has been included in the list of ‘superfoods’ as recently as three or four years ago, Dermgold’s founders Grace Ling and Lim Luping had uncovered the effectiveness of the super berry more than a decade ago

Both aesthetic doctors by training, Grace and Luping were hunting the market for skincare products for themselves that were simple, effective and yet lovely to the senses. Unable to find something their needs, they decided to develop and create a skincare line of their own that harnessed the best of science and nature.

When Grace was extensively seeking out ingredients for the perfect potion, she was seduced by the beauty, scent and luscious texture of the exotic seabuckthorn and a few other natural ingredients with high efficacies. And thus, the first series of Dermagold products was created with seabuckthorn as an ingredient. When these products are used together in a systematic and synergistic manner, they produce highly effective results in addressing various skincare problems. The products are also of an extremely lightweight viscosity which are quickly absorbed and deeply penetrate skin, allowing multiple products to be used in tandem by layering without fuss. It is due to the effectiveness of the Dermagold products that the brand has grown from strength to strength and has blossomed from a niche range offered only to family and friends to now a well-recognised homegrown skincare brand. The products are being used expansively in facial treatments offered by the Hadara Aesthetics Boutique.

DERMAGOLD products containing Seabuckthorn: Radiance Cleansing Milk, Skin Elixir, Skin Resurrector

Fun facts about Seabuckthorn

Fast forward to modern times, the seabuckthorn berry still has scientists, wellness gurus, and skincare specialists waxing lyrical about its benefits. China used seabuckthorn juice as its national drink during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. As a testament to its rising popularity, American health expert Dr Oz also featured the super berry in his show in 2011. Hundreds of studies have been conducted on the berry’s potency and the variety of uses it could be deployed for, including radiation burns - for instance, Russian cosmonauts use the oil to help heal radiation burns that occur upon re-entering earth’s atmosphere. Victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster were also treated with seabuckthorn oil.