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The Story of Reinvention

Grace Ling & Lim Luping

“Daring to bare your skin is also not only about having flawless skin to bare. It is about daring to bare even if we have imperfections and being willing to be on a journey to improve your skin with DERMAGOLD. It is also about being truly you, and daring to show and be your true self.”

Grace Ling & Lim Luping

It all started in 2003, when two childhood friends were looking for skincare products for themselves that were simple, effective and yet lovely to the senses. Grace has always had a passion in skincare ingredients and tried many brands in hope of achieving flawless skin. On the other hand, Luping was a sufferer of teenage acne, with deep pits and scars on her face that had affected her self-esteem and social life.

Being unable to find something in the market to suit their own needs, they decided to invent and create a skincare line of their own that harnessed the best of science and nature. Seduced by the beauty, scent and luscious texture of the exotic seabuckthorn and a few other natural ingredients with high efficacies, Grace went into extensive research and sourcing for the perfect potions. 12 months later, the first series of Dermagold was created with a basic set of products. These Dermagold products when used together in a systematic and synergistic manner, produced highly effective results in addressing various skincare problems.

Over the years, the range of Dermagold products expanded but was sold to only a small, selected group of customers and friends. Today, encouraged by the growing success of Dermagold, Grace and Luping decided to take a bold step to break out of their comfort zone and make Dermagold available to more people through HADARA. Reinventing themselves as entrepreneurs, from women who were mainly focused on family, Grace and Luping hoped to inspire others to dare to step out to reinvent themselves no matter what age they are or what stage of life journey they are going through.

But no matter where they are, the formula of their Dermagold success remained unchanged:

Science + Beauty + Sensorial

– i.e. Dermagold continues to put together science-based products that are pleasant to the senses into a “simple, highly effective skincare system” that is perfect for Asian skin.

Dermagold Systems

Radiant White System
Basic Trio Foundation System
Whitening Trio System
Radiant Essentials System
Acne Clear System
Age-defy System
Sensitive Skin System
Men Skincare

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