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Award-winning Star Product Skin Elixir 

Review: Dermagold Miracle Trio System | Miracle C+, Skin Elixir and Hydra Recovery Gel

My skin has been abysmal since I was a teenager. I was plagued by acne, which left me with scars all over my cheeks and chin. When I started working, I started seeing a dermatologist, who told me that my skin was confused (dry cheeks and oily T-zone), and it wasn’t good that I was still getting acne at my, uhhmm, advanced age. She prescribed me some of her products and a simple routine of wash, moisturise and sunblock. Since then, I have not varied in my skincare routine.

Last year, I went to London and my skin went berserk in the cold, dry air. My normal moisturiser just did not cut it and I broke out in terrible acne which took weeks to subside. With trips to Europe and wintry Australia planned for 2017, I was rather worried about how my skin would react.

The result? No dry skin, no inflamed skin and no nasty flare-ups.

I continued with this routine back home and then recently brought the arsenal of products with me to Perth in June. Which was winter. Which was cold and dry. And again, my skin remained well and happy. -  Yann (Working Mum) @ http://www.bubsicles.com/

Dermagold Review | Miracle C+ and Skin Elixir

I feel that my skin is a bit smoother and makeup stays on longer and remains even (not blotchy) after a whole day of running about in the sweltering heat. I noticed this at about the 4-week mark. The speed at which you see the effects would definitely vary from individual to individual. I thought I’d just share how these products worked for me. You know, for someone who’s turning 40 in just a few years’ time, I’ll be the first to say I’m in for Skin Elixir! -  Angeline Ng (Angie) @ http://www.simplymommie.com/


I personally have sensitive skin, and find their products to be very soothing and kind to my skin so far. (So if you have sensitive skin, Dermagold would be ideal for you) Skin care may require discipline to religiously apply the products, but trust me the results are worth it. Their products are also great for layering and do not clog your pores! 

This is not an ad as I chose to review the products myself and Dermagold was willing to collaborate with me to make all of this possible :) Currently, I've been using their products for 2 months and will continue till I finish up my products.  -  Nicole Chang Min @ http://www.nicolechangmin.blogspot.sg/

Skincare Journey with Dermagold: Skin Elixir (Chapter two on my skincare journey with Dermagold.)

The Dermagold Skin Elixir is the star product of this award-winning brand. It is a little bottle of the perfect skin food, culminating an ultimate blend of natural ingredients including seabuckthorn, hyaluronic acid and marine seaweed to enhance skin radiance for the perfect complexion. While hyaluronic acid is the common ingredient for making skin serums, seabuckthorn extract has intense antioxidant ability. Seabuckthorn extract is also used alone or in various preparations for burns, scalds, ulcerations, and infections. It is an ingredient in sunblock-hippophae oil, with UV-blocking activity and emollient properties that can promote the regeneration of tissues. It is also paraben-free. -  Amie Hu @ http://www.amiehu.com/

My Skin's SOS Saviors: Dermagold

Overall, I’m really impressed by Dermagold’s products.  Certainly the Skin Elixir has impressed me, and has become an integral part of my skincare routine and I will be restocking once this one runs out.  Miracle C+ is very effective and I would recommend this to anybody with pigmentation concerns.  The Hydra Recovery Gel is a great one for keeping on standby for those who are prone to sudden sensitivities. -  Linda Mok @ http://www.silverkis.com/

Dermagold Miracle C+ and Skin Elixir Review #Giveaway

After using this power pack Miracle C+ and Skin Elixir for close to three weeks, my face feels so fresh and protected! My make-up is easier to apply, and it seems to last longer too! And my mummy is definitely very happy with my clearer and much brighter face now! -  Lu Jiahui @ http://www.mumseword.com/

Dermagold Miracle C+ and Skin Elixir | Review + "Before and After" Pictures

I have been using the Miracle C+ serum twice a day, and the Skin Elixir every night (sometimes in the day as well when I have more time). I have honestly enjoyed using these 2 products the past month! In fact, to be completely honest, after the first night of incorporating Dermagold into my skincare regime, I actually noticed that my skin looked more radiant the next day (!!!). I believe this has more to do with the serum due to its high percentage of Vitamin C. Jolynn @ www.mybeautyroad.blogspot.sg/

Review: Dermagold Miracle C+ Serum, Skin Elixir and HA Booster

I really love all this 3 products, brightens up my skin and my skin is glowing!! Good Skin for Good Year, how about you? - Mummy blogger Kelynn Nai @ www.kelynnstory.com

Review: Dermagold Miracle C+ Serum and Skin Elixir

Not only do I wake up to a slightly dewy complexion the next morning, my face feel moisturized and dullness has been noticeably diminished after 2 weeks of use, based on once daily application (although its recommended to be applied during morning and evening.) I do like how my complexion has a brighter glow then before, which saves me the trouble of layering highlighting powder in my makeup regime. - June du jour @ www.junedujour.com, beauty blogger finalist 2014

Dermagold: Simply Effective Skincare Solutions That Feel Great And Work Wonders 

If you’re serious about improving the condition of your skin and are looking for a fuss-free skincare system that actually works, I would recommend DERMAGOLD.

- Sesame @vivawoman.net, one of Singapore's top beauty bloggers

Review: DermaGold Miracle C+ Serum and Skin Elixir (Radiant Essentials System)

After trying DERMAGOLD MIRACLE C+ and Skin Elixir, I swear by these 2 products for skin brightening and sebum control results without having to undergo laser or impulse light to improve my SKIN condition. Results are visible upon every use. - Yvonne @ www.yvonneandherplayground.blogspot.sg, Beauty Blogger Finalist 2014

DERMAGOLD Skincare: For Skin You Dare To Bare

Would I recommend the products? Yes, based on my positive experience using them. I think the DERMAGOLD skincare products are worth trying out if you’re serious about a skincare system that is great to apply and also make a difference to your skin condition. Plus, they don’t cost an arm or a leg.

- Sesame @ vivawoman.net, one of Singapore's top beauty bloggers


"I've tried the DERMAGOLD Skin Resurrector for a few weeks now. Love the creamy, velvety texture, feels luxurious. I also tried the facial treatment using DERMAGOLD products and was impressed with the skill of the therapist. DERMAGOLD can hold up to any big names because the people behind it are extremely passionate about caring for your skin."

- Mrs T Ng, 48, Entrepreneur


“DERMAGOLD products are light, silky smooth and not clogging. For instant glow, I recommend Dermagold Skin Resurrector.”

- Mrs Cheong, 59


I have been noticing some general dryness lately in my combination skin. After 8 weeks using DERMAGOLD products, I must say I am impressed with the results! My skin feels hydrated, balanced, smooth and youthful looking. I have seen a remarkable improvement on my face. My favourite products are the Dermagold Brightening Revitalizer and Skin Resurrector. Thank you so much DERMAGOLD.

- Brenda Lee, 30s, Floral Art Director


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