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Dermagold Men

Tools of the Trade (featuring Dermagold Men Sports Sunblock SPF30)

Personally, I hate putting sunblock on, especially since they usually leave the hands oily, which results in slippery fingers when you use the camera, or a sliding grip on the steering wheel, two things you don't want to have to deal with.
I'm lucky this one doesn't give that bad oily feel, so I can quickly slather it all over my face and run to shoot cars the next minute! And best of all, it doesn't leave that white cast over my face, I don't look like an "ang moh" (read white guy) tourist either! - Benjamin Attard @ http://www.powaagarage.com/

Dermagold: Men's Facial Products (Giveaway)

Both products are easy on the skin, and we had no problems or allergies using it. They were gentle on the skin, and one does not feel like you have applied any heavy lotion after you apply it. I think the products work for us men, as they are simple to use, and they promise higher concentration levels, that what you buy over the counter. -  Edmund Tay @ http://edunloaded.com/

Dermagold @ Hadara Aesthetics Boutique (Dermagold Men Facial at Hadara Aesthetics Boutique)

Not wanting to leave out the men, Luping and Grace have also created a special range – Dermagold Men, to meet the growing demand for the men’s market, propelling Dermagold to become the first homegrown skincare brand that offers simple and highly effective skincare solutions for both women and men. - Nich Tan Yu Jieh @ www.nchynich.com 

Because A Dad's Face needs Pampering too (Dermagold Men Facial at Hadara Aesthetics Boutique) 

One of the main reasons why Hadara Aesthetics Boutique was set up is the immense popularity of Dermagold DgO skincare, a homegrown skincare line developed since 2003. The skincare line is a meticulously curated, highly effective skincare line with high performance active scientific ingredients offering Asian men and women skincare solutions that work to produce optimal results. - Daddy blogger Kelvin Ang @ www.cheekiemonkies.net