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The Dermagold Secret [for busy people] to Instantly Whiter Brighter Skin in just 5 Minutes per Week!


[Purifying Scrub + Brightening Revitalizer]

Crowned Harper's Bazaar Beauty Awards: Most Intelligent Scrub



Most people know that radiant glowing skin is frequently the result of a good and consistent skincare routine, coupled with a healthy balanced lifestyle eg good nutrition, sufficient rest, minimal stress.

However our modern busy lives are usually not so kind to us and we are frequently subjected to environmental stresses eg UV exposure, air pollutants and life stresses from perhaps many different areas. We understand that it’s not easy to always keep up with the perfect beauty rituals of skincare, beauty sleep and optimal nutrition in seasons of work stress, family stress or other stresses that life may bring on you. 

On the other hand, we are also aware that everyone wishes to look our very best all the time if possible. Who wouldn’t right? 

One of the ways to look instantly fresher and better is to work towards having a brighter cleaner skin with a more even skin tone. 

The Dermagold secret is a smart and innovative scrub that works instantly a quick “instant fix” that reveals whiter brighter skin. 

The only commitment from you is to commit yourself to once a week to a simple 5-min, 2-step routine that can instantly give you whiter brighter skin. 

If you are ready, here are the 2 easy steps:


Step 1 : 

Dermagold Award-Winning Purifying Scrub 

Take a small amount of Dermagold Purifying Scrub and massage gently on the face for around 1 min. You can focus more on the problem areas. 

Step 2 :

Dermagold Brightening Revitalizer

Pump a generous amount of Dermagold Brightening Revitalizer and apply it over the scrub to the activate it. Continue to massage until you feel that all the scrub has “melted” into the Brightening Revitalizer. 

Rinse off after you have completed the 2 steps to reveal your whiter brighter skin!

So, how does this 2 step ritual brighten and whiten the skin? 

1. It removes dead cells built up on the skin that causes the dull appearance revealing fresher newer clearer skin!

The scrub is formulated with a triple cleansing and polishing action – it polishes your skin with crystalline salts and Vitamin C and also dissolves sebum and blackheads with plant oils. 

2. It enhances skin cell renewal. 

Fruit acids in Dermagold’s Brightening Revitalizer activate the scrub, further enhancing the entire exfoliation process leaving your skin refreshed as all that is left on your face, a smooth and natural protective layer that will make your skin glow! 

Exfoliating regularly will also reverse sun-damaged skin and lighten the skin. We recommend the process to be done once a week. For people with dull and rough skin that has a lot of old or dead cells built up, you can use Purifying Scrub & Brightening Revitalizer up to twice a week.


Why is the scrub award winning and what is the science that makes it work? 

The scrub contains tiny particles of (a) crystalline salts and (b) grainy ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) found in natural plant oils such as seabuckthorn, jojoba oil and shea butter, which are key to polishing the skin’s surface. 

Secondly, the plant oils enhance skin penetration. Being absorbed seamlessly into the skin’s pores to dissolve the excessive sebum (and blackheads), these natural oils allow for a much deeper pore cleansing than what you would usually get. 

Lastly, the scrub is smart because it activates in response to the Dermagold Brightening Revitalizer (BR)! The fruit acids in the BR work with the plant oils in the scrub, dissolving the ‘bonds’ between the dead skin cells on your face to speed up skin renewal, leaving your skin looking younger, smoother, and fairer. 

Simply use the scrub once or twice a week (depending on your skin’s condition) to let it work miracles on your skin (:


Which type of skin is this best suited for?  

Every single one! Another reason why the scrub is smart is because it has been adapted to suit all skin types! It is also suitable for both ladies and men. It is a form of ‘rinse off’ treatment, ensuring that no real overload is left behind on the skin once you have cleansed your face. 

  • Those with sensitive skin can rest their minds at ease because the Purifying Scrub is considerate of this and is gentle on your skin.
  • Those with acne marks and scars will notice their skin lightening after consistent usage.

Therefore, the scrub is best suited for those who just want to achieve clearer, brighter, and fairer skin!





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