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Restore Skin Glow and Clarity with Dermagold’s Brightening Revitalizer

Beyond cleansing your skin, what else can you do to improve the natural glow of your face? In this article, we’ll explain why cleansing, while essential, must be paired with other skincare practices in order to truly bring out the best in your skin.

Dermagold’s Brightening Revitalizer (BR) specifically targets your skin to brighten and refine it after it has been cleansed. It does this in four ways:

1. Reduce dead cells

The BR has been imbued with fruit acids which enable you to remove surface old and dead cells that remain even after cleansing. While some fruit acids can be extremely harsh and dry up the skin due to acidic properties, Dermagold has devised the optimal formula to achieve the best skin renewal without compromising your skin. The BR allows you to reveal the clearer skin that lies beneath old cells, refreshing your face and giving it a natural glow.

2. Balance oil production of skins

Those with naturally oily skin can also use the BR to reduce the oil production around pores. This will be helpful in keeping pores clear and ultimately improve the skin’s appearance and brightness. At the same time, as mentioned above, the BR avoids excessively drying or irritating the skin. This makes in an ideal product for those with sensitive skin as well as anyone with oily or non-oily skin.

3. An enhanced formulation

The BR is enriched with the calming ingredients retrieved from nature such as aloe vera, echinacea (coneflower), chamomile and cucumber. These natural ingredients work together to soothe and restore skin balance and moisture to your face. The BR formula is therefore enhanced to bring out the natural goodness in your skin using natural ingredients. Apart from balancing oil, the BR is also able to reduce blemishes as it clears up your skin.

4. Working Synergistically

If you use Dermagold’s Miracle C and HA booster, then you will be glad to know that the BR was also created alongside these 2 products to form a Basic Skincare Trio. While the Miracle C nourishes the skin with vitamins and the HA boosters boosts moisturizing properties, the BR boosts skin clarity. Likewise, the BR also activates Dermagold’s award winning Purifying Scrub when the two are used together in your skincare routine. This is because the scrub contains plant oils which react with the fruit acids found in the BR. Together, these two formulations combine to remove dead skin cells more efficiently, speeding up the skin renewal process.



Swiss Apple Stem Cells — The Key to Conquering Wrinkles and Crow Feet

Swiss Apple Stem Cells are the unique, award-winning ingredient behind the Dermagold’s Cellular Regenerator. Read more about this special formula and how it can rejuvenate and renew the condition of both aging and damaged skin.

The Cellular Regenerator is a luxurious and carefully formulated serum that will harness the natural, regenerative ability of your skin. By pairing stem cell technology with Switzerland apple stem cells, the Cellular Regenerator activates and boosts the potential of your facial stem cells while at the same time delaying their deterioration. What does this mean?

The Restorative Quality of Swiss Apple Stem Cells

Crowned as the ‘Best Active Ingredient’ in 2008, Swiss apple stem cells have been increasingly recognised for their restorative potential.  Schmid et al. (2008), in their study of how Swiss apple stem cells can affect longevity of skin, explain that Swiss apples have been cultivated by humans due to their good storage properties. Swiss apples are able to stay fresh for months, indicating that their stem cells are extremely long-living.

In turn, by allowing these stem cells to interact with our own human stem cells, we can support our skin in a couple of ways:

Reduce Premature Skin Aging

If you are looking to reduce wrinkle depth or crow feet, the Cellular Regenerator helps you to tackle such signs of age. According to tests conducted by the same paper Schmid et al. (2008), when women applied cream enriched with the stem cells, they noticed a 15% reduction of crow feet around their eyes after a month of use. This is because the introduction of Swiss apple stem cells to the skin helps to boost its health and viability, as these additional cells help to replace and rejuvenate our lost human stem cells. Hence, the Cellular Regenerator can be used by anyone regardless of age or the chronological state of their skin. This is why we recommend a second function of this formula below.

Enhance Skin Restoration After Skin Treatments

Dermagold ‘s Cellular Regeneratior is also especially ideal if you want to enhance the effects of certain skin treatments such as acne scar reduction treatments or medi-facials. As Swiss apple stem cells are adept at restoring our skin cells, by using the Cellular Regenerator, you can help your skin regain its former state and healthy glow in a shorter period of time. The extra helping hand this product offers in the generation of new cells will certainly make a difference in the appearance of your skin after consistent use (of about 3 months or more).



Essential Skincare Tips for Backpacking

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or are on a well-deserved break, the summer holidays are perfect for taking a backpacking trip around Southeast Asia or other parts of the world. That being said, backpacking needs to be strategically planned. While you can easily find numerous tips concerning backpacking online, have you wondered how to maintain great skin while travelling with minimal bag space in almost-always sweaty condition? This week, we will offer 3 solutions that will be sure to reduce breakouts and protect your skin while you’re having fun backpacking to unexplored places!

Drink Lots of Water

Hydration may be the last thing on our minds when we’re busy fulfilling jam-packed itineraries and having fun discovering newfound destinations – but, it is still ultimately the best thing you can do for your body and skin. Sufficient water intake influences your skin’s appearance, boosting its condition and is practically the first step towards reducing the likelihood of skin drying out. This is especially the case in colder climates, where lower temperatures will show on your face in the form of dry or cracked skin. Be sure to keep a filled water bottle with you at all times and take ample water breaks in between your adventures!

Don’t Skimp on Sunblock

Excessive exposure to sunlight can make irritate your skin and cause reddening of the face, even if you may not have sensitive skin. Exposure can also promote oil and sebum production on your face, making it oily and leading to unwanted breakouts. One simple way to prevent this is to apply sun protection on your skin before you head out for the day. Do note that sunblock wears off after every 2-3 hours, so it will be necessary to reapply sunblock throughout the day while travelling in order to shield your skin from damaging UV rays. To know more about why you should always make an effort to wear sun block, do check out our detailed explanation in this post!

Use Skincare On The Go

Arguably the most efficient way to keep up your skincare routine while backpacking would be to bring your skincare products along with you. Of course, this is not always possible for a number of reasons: Products may be too large to bring along, may easily spill and ruin a number of squeezed-up items of your bag pack and it is tedious to transfer skincare solutions from a large bottle into the tiny, travel-friendly bottles you can find at Daiso.
This is why Dermagold’s line of skincare was been conceptualised with travel in mind – not only are our products compact and light, but they are also designed in suitable sizes for travel. This abates any worries or difficulties you may have with bringing your products with you, and lets you stay in control of your skin. In addition, the Dermagold systems are modular and can be adapted for travel in different climates! You can buy Dermagold skincare here.
We hope that you will keep these tips on mind as you plan for your next backpack adventure. Just remember that your confidence and skin health shouldn’t need to take a backseat just because you’re away from home!



Men’s Grooming Guide #3 – 2 Crucial Ways to Handle Oily Skin and Dry Skin

In Singapore’s hot and humid environment, it has become commonplace for men to experience two skin issues: depending on your skin type, you may experience oily skin, dry skin, or a combination of both. Regardless of your skin type, here are 2 important but crucial tips that will help our male readers conquer their skin woes and boost their confidence!

Deep cleanse your skin

One reason why men face oily skin is that their pores tend to be bigger than women’s. Pores generally contain oil gland that may secrete excessive oil as a result of the hot weather and as a result of not cleansing our face properly. As such, while it is important to wash your face every day, consider using a scrub to deep cleanse in order to flush the dead cells and dirt out of your pores at least once a week.

Dermagold’s Purifying Scrub has been specially designed for Singapore’s climate and Asian skin, making it an effective solution to men who tend to have oily skin. A simple exfoliation with the scrub will prevent the clogging of pores and reduce the oiliness of your face.

The greatest thing about deep cleansing is that you needn’t do it often, and that cleansing pores can actually help them appear smaller! If you’re interested in how to get more refined pores, check out our 3 steps for men to get refined pores.

Moisturize your skin correctly

What do we mean by moisturizing ‘correctly’? This means that using a random moisturizer or a 2-in-1 cleanser-moisturizer is not the solution if you’re serious about combating dry and oily skin. Instead, you should be meticulous and careful when picking a product such that it suits your skin.

This is why Dermagold Men’s Moisture Booster has been formulated with 100% hyaluronic acid serum, meaning that it is completely dedicated to boosting and retaining moisture. By focusing specifically on moisturising properties, this product will alleviate dry skin in men by ensuring that your face remains hydrated after application.

Lastly, Dermagold Men’s Skin Brightener is also a great product that will hydrate and revitalize men’s skin, regardless of whether it is dry or oily. Containing the nutritious and concentrated Vitamin C Ester, the Skin Brightener excels in regulating oil and sebum production for men, reducing oiliness of skin while at the same time encouraging repair of the skin by stimulating collagen.

By remembering these 2 vital factors and how they can affect and improve your skin’s health, we hope that you can now make mindful and informed decisions for skincare.



5 Crucial Anti-aging Skincare Tips for Men

This week, we have 5 skincare tips for guys who would like to know how to keep their skin healthy and youthful. Curious to know more? Read on below:

1. Reduce harmful sun exposure

Reduce harmful sun exposure Arguably the biggest factor that guys tend to forget is that excessive sun exposure can damage your skin. This is especially the case in Singapore, which is sunny all year round. While most of us have gotten used to the sweltering temperatures, our bare skin still neds to be properly protected from sun damage. The sun’s UV rays can influence your skin’s health – even as little as ten minutes of exposure to sunlight may cause photoaging effects on your skin over a long period of time, leading to wrinkles and pigmentation setting in as guys age. To retain great skin alongside a healthy lifestyle, we recommend that outdoor exercise such as jogging should be done in the early mornings/evening. Of course, the best way to prevent damage to aging skin is to remember to apply sufficient sunblock at the start of the day.

2. Apply sunblock daily

We have raved on about the reasons why men (and women) should wear sunblock here and here, and one of its indirect benefits is that it may reduce premature aging. This is because sunblock ensures that the skin sustains less UV damage and keeps it healthier as a result. For guys who need to spend long hours under the sun, this is something you should definitely consider doing in order to ensure that your skin does not age prematurely. While some may not like the smell or sensation of sunblock, Dermagold has developed a range of sunblocks that are catered specially for men’s skin: the Nude Sunblock SPF30+ which provides coverage and the Sports Sunblock SPF30+ which is water-resistant and highly useful for sporting activities. Both types of sunblock are lightweight and apply easily on the skin, making them suitable for any man’s lifestyle.

3. Moisturize

One thing not all guys think to include in their skincare routine is a moisturizer – a moisturizer is essential if you have dry skin, or if your skin is noticeably red and damaged after a day’s work. A good moisturizer like the Dermagold Men Moisture Booster is a lightweight and non-greasy moisturiser can refresh your skin, improve its health and brighten its appearance. Alternatively, you can use Dermagold’s award winner for post suncare: the Hydra Recovery Gel. Read more about it here. This reputable award-winning gel not only hydrates the skin, but also treats skin damage by calming and cooling areas which have been irritated from outdoor activities.

We know that many men frequently do not use moisturisers but remember that caring for your skin by adding just one extra step in your routine can go that extra mile to control the effects that aging has on your skin. Furthermore, the cooling sensation of the Hydra Recovery Gel will be sure to help you relax and relieve tension before a good night’s sleep.

4. Rejuvenate

Building off of the previous point, if you are worried about skin-aging, you should consider a simple but effective skincare product that will strengthen and rejuvenate your skin.

For younger men between ages of 18-39, you can consider Dermagold’s Skin Brightener for men, which contains Vit C Ester and hyaluronic acid. Vit C Ester is a powerful antioxidant with anti-aging effects on the skin. It retards and reverses effect of photoaging and results in brighter, clearer and cleaner looking skin! For men above 40, another product to consider adding on to your skincare routine is Dermagold’s Anti-Age Serum. The Anti-Age Serum which has been crafted specifically for men in hot and humid Southeast Asian climate. Light textured made of high performance peptides and anti-oxidants for optimal anti-age and anti-wrinkle effects, our meticulously formulated serum is meant to fortify men’s skin. Imbued with Vitamin C and E, this skin-nutrient does not also help with anti-aging, but also in introducing healthy nutrients that will ensure that your face is clearer and brighter.

5. Scrub your skin once a week

A frequently neglected step in skincare is to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation is a way to deep cleanse your skin, making it effective in clearing dirt more pores and retaining younger, healthier skin. Dermagold’s award-winning Purifying Scrub is suited for this task as it has been developed to dissolve blackheads and polish your skin with its imbued healthy salts and Vitamin C. Read more about the scrub here. Keeping your skin clear by scrubbing weekly can have huge effects on how its ages.

In essence, we encourage you to look after and care for your skin through these crucial and simple methods. These essential anti-aging tips also show that you need not rely only on invasive technologies to keep your skin youthful, but that you can achieve healthy skin by doing a little bit every day.

Pair these tips with a healthy lifestyle in order to keep your skin in good health as you age!



Dermagold’s Miracle Trio: 3 Steps to Transform Your Skin

Looking for a healthy, non-invasive way to improve your skin and give it that natural glow? Here’s all you need to know about Dermagold’s award-winning skincare formula: the Miracle Trio (Miracle C+, Skin Elixir & Hydra Recovery Gel).

1. What are the three award-winning products and how do I use them?


The Miracle C+ will enrich your skin with essential boost of Vitamin C Ester. The nutrients it provides will strengthen your skin and aid natural healing, lightening pigmentation and acne scars with consistent use. Read more about the facts and the extensive benefits of our best-seller here.


Next, the Skin Elixir has become known among our users as a reliable and nutritiously effective skin food. This specially crafted elixir has been specially infused with the world’s best kept beauty-secret: the superberry, seabuckthorn. The benefits of seabuckthorn to one’s skin are numerous, from UV protection to anti-aging and skin regeneration.

Dermagold is proud to be one of the first few local brands to tap into the natural healing properties of this superberry to offer our customers a skincare formula that harnesses the powers of Mother Nature. You can read more about the seabuckthorn here.


The last member of the Miracle Trio is the Hydra Recovery Gel, which hydrates dry skin and offers cooling relief to sun-damaged skin. As such, it can be used to protect and re-nourish your skin after exposing it to the sun, or after skincare treatments that leave your skin sensitive and red. Importantly, the recovery gel is made from the refreshing aloe vera plant, making it a natural healing and moisturizing agent that will fit perfectly into any skincare regime. Read more about the natural benefits of aloe vera here.

For fast and best results, the Miracle Trio should be used together as part of your daily skincare routine by applying them in the following order: Miracle C+ à Skin Elixir à Hydra Recovery Gel.

2. Why are they called the Miracle Trio?

These three products are all award-winning products that belong to our ‘Hall of Fame’. Clinching numerous awards from different influencers in Singapore such as the Best Antioxidant Serum (Skin Elixir), Best Facial Serum (Miracle C+) and Post Suncare Award (Hydra Recovery Gel), Dermagold’s Miracle Trio has become recognised as an effective and holistic way to care for your skin. You can see the full list of our awards here.
Secondly, all three can be used synergistically as a system (in the aforementioned order). When used together, the effects of each of the products will be strengthened! This is because the active and natural ingredients in each of the three products will activate with one another and work cohesively to improve your skin.
Lastly, the trio has been conscientiously designed to be an effective and soothing for most skin types, even sensitive skin. This ensures that no matter what skin problems you may be facing, the Miracle Trio will work to calm and strengthen your skin, giving it a healthier glow.


3. Who should use this?

The Miracle Trio is effective for all skin types. Those with sensitive skin are in luck because the trio works hand in hand to strengthen and rejuvenate red and damaged skin and acne scars (Miracle C+ and Skin Elixir) while also reducing sensitive skin reactions (Hydra Recovery Gel). Anyone will be able to reap the nutritional benefits of using the Miracle Trio!
Additionally, if you are known to run a tight schedule, the simplistic product design and easy application of the products will definitely be a plus, fitting right into a fuss-free daily skincare routine! The light texture of all three skin healers means that your face is guaranteed to feel refreshed and cleansed almost immediately.



Acne Scars and Enlarged Pores Can Be Treated: Here’s How with the Latest Skin Tech

One of the latest breakthroughs in skintech, VENUS VIVAS’ NanoFractional RF is definitely a treatment you should consider if you would like to eliminate acne scars and large pores. This week, we’ll share with you more info on this effective skincare solution so that you can make informed decisions and consult your skincare specialist about it!

Why is NanoFractional RF the Best Solution to Acne Scars and Large Pores?

• It is a fast and ideal treatment for acne scars & minimizes enlarged visible pores.

• It helps your skin heal over scars by effectively promoting skin regeneration.

• It also increases the natural production of collagen in your skin. This improves wrinkles and fine lines by keeping the skin tighter and firmer. Additionally, it also reduces skin sagging and smooths your skin’s texture.

• Best of all it is non-invasive and has minimal downtime!

How does NanoFractional RF Reduce Acne Scars and Large Pores?

The key feature of this new tech is its ability to create micro dermal wounds in your skin – this is done through the micro-pin design of the model. With meticulous, pin-pointed and variable accuracy, your skin tissue receives equally effective treatment. Rest assured that all your scars will be treated, and you will notice (or rather, not notice!) your pores being smaller in size due to this well-balanced process.
This procedure boasts the largest variable treatment area in the industry and has great, personalised flexibility to match all skin types. A skilled and trained professional can customise your treatment, meaning that you will receive treatment that is tailor-made for your skin’s specific needs. Hence, never feel that your acne scars are unresolvable, or that large pores are just something you have to live with – this procedure will be catered precisely to bring out the best in your skin.
Nano-fractional RF can also aid in the transdermal penetration of active ingredients for treatment of various aesthetic concerns. This in turn further promotes the healing of acne scars and minimising of pore size.

Are there any bad side effects of using NanoFractional RF?

Not at all! In fact, after the treatment, the down time (which refers to the brief period after treatment when your skin is irritated and sensitive) you can expect should last for only 1 – 2 days. NanoFractional RF is a very safe procedure that can work for all skin types.
Rest assured that the process is not painful and has been maximised for patient comfort.

How can I find out more about it?

Speak to your skincare professional, or book an appointment at Mint Medical Aesthetics ( www.mintmedaesthetics.com) to consult with their lady doctors. At Mint Medical Aesthetics, nano-fractional RF is specially combined with a Korean-invented biopine nano-spray and transdermal penetration of hyaluronic acid to enhance the effects on acne scars and also reduce the downtime, making it a very comfortable procedure for patients.
Not all clinics may be equipped with NanoFractional RF technology, but the team at Mint Medical Aesthetics are skilled with this ground-breaking technology and will aid you in your journey towards skin that you love!


Tips to Rejuvenate Your Skin in 2016

As we celebrate the end of 2015 and herald the beginning of new opportunities and experiences in the coming year, the Dermagold team would like to share some easy ways to rejuvenate your skin! As we start noting down our New Year’s resolutions, it’s important to think beyond the material and instead ponder on how we can improve our wellbeing and health. We hope these simple but significant tips will help you boost your skin’s health in 2016 and help you tackle the year with renewed confidence and vigour.

    1. 1. Pay your ‘sleep debt’

      Use the time off at the end of 2015 and the start of 2016 to allow your body more rest. Regular and sufficient sleep not only improves one’s skin, but also allows your body to repair itself. Try to squeeze in more sleep as you ease back into your daily responsibilities at work and at home, and you will see huge changes in your energy levels, health, and skin!

    2. 2. Less party drinks, more water

      Parties are common as we enter the New Year, but be sure to reduce or avoid alcohol and treat your body well by drinking sufficient water! Constant hydration not only boosts your skin and health – it can also be the first step towards achieving a healthier lifestyle. Even if just can’t say goodbye to your favourite hawker foods yet, you can challenge yourself by phasing out soft drinks and alcohol from your meals. Combine this with more frequent exercise, and you’ll be glad you did!

    3. 3. Eat well

      In line with the previous point, you may also want to start the new year by becoming more conscious of what you put into your food! Certain unsaturated fats such as polyunsatured fatty acids and monounsaturated fats can help lower your cholesterol levels. Avoid foods that are high on saturated fats by making the effort to check out the nutrition labels while you’re at the supermarket. And while carbohydrates are an essential part of a well-balanced diet, remember to put more greens and proteins on your plate.

    4. 4. Review your skincare regime

      If you want to improve your skin in 2016, what better way to (re)start your skincare journey than with a review of your usual morning and nightly routine. Think about whether your need to start using a mask and scrub more (or less) often, reduce make-up options that seem to be drying your skin, and so on. Don’t hesitate to try something new!

    5. 5. Review your skincare products

      Lastly, be sure to review which products you’ve enjoyed using and which you feel like you haven’t connected with. Be discerning on which products have best helped your skin or which products have kept your skin stagnant. Ask your friends for recommendations if you want to try out some new products (but do check with you’re a professional skincare professional first especially if you have sensitive or problematic skin) , and consider venturing into Dermagold’s award-winning skincare line if you’re looking for the best way to perk up & rejuvenate your skin in the Singaporean tropical weather.

The SCIENCE+NATURE Formula (Part 3) - A Superberry for Your Skin

Have you heard of the seabuckthorn? Though it may be pint-sized, it packs a ton of power and is one of the world’s best kept beauty secrets! In Part 3 of the SCIENCE+NATURE series, we explore the strength of nature by focusing on one of the strongest and most effective ingredients we have unearthed on our quest to create the perfect potion for your skin.


Unlike its counterparts – Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Ester – Seabuckthorn has been used by different figures around the world for a very, very long time. This can date back to the era of Genghis Khan, where the hardy seabuckthorn was used to speed recovery in his forces and their steads. It has remained a strong rejuvenator in many areas even today – for instance, seabuckthorn oil is used by Russian cosmonauts to treat the radiation burns they receive upon re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere from space, and it was made into a national drink of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


It is no wonder that this superberry, which flowers and bears fruits in only the most harshest of climates, is a potent ingredient that can boost the skin in many ways. The entire seabuckthorn, from its berry, to the bark and leaves, are high in anti-oxidants, essential amino acids, Vit E, the rare Omega 7 and up to 190 other bioactive nutrients!

These various factors compound into a nutritious skin food that can provide for your skin in a wide range of ways:

  1. 1. Anti-aging properties
  2. 2. Acne treatment
  3. 3. A Boost in Moisture
  4. 4. Natural Skin Healing and Regeneration
  5. 5. UV Protection


If you are keen to reap the benefits of seabuckthorn, look no further because Dermagold is the first local brand to imbue the superberry into its creative and scientific processes. The seabuckthorn has been incorporated into award-winners such as the Skin Elixir and Miracle C+ not simply because of the benefits listed above. The berry itself boasts a rich scent and luscious texture that promises to leave your skin feels soothed and refreshed, so you can always look forward to your daily beauty routine.

As we come to the end of this three-part series, we have pulled back the curtains to unveil how Dermagold harnesses the finest essence of both science and nature to deliver highly functional and effective products that can manage, alleviate and improve your skin’s concerns. We also hope that we have been able to give you further knowledge on the active ingredients you can, and should, find in your skincare products, and assisted you in your search for solutions to your skin troubles, whatever they may be. If you are interested to learn more about our extensive skincare line, be sure to check out www.dermagold.sg/products now!.

EXTRA! Fun Facts about Seabuckthorn

  • - It has 10 times more Vit C than oranges
  • - High in Vit A and E, which is great for the skin
  • - The 3rd highest source of Vit E in the plant worldA Boost in Moisture
  • - Rich in Omega 3 (like fish!) – this prevents against heart disease and stroke



Do not be misled by Hyaluronic Acid’s (HA) scientific name. It is in fact a natural substance found in the skin and joints of our body! In the ever-expanding field of skincare science, HA remains a proven and well established scientific ingredient that is loaded with positives for our skin. Read more in Part 2 of our SCIENCE+NATURE series to find out why you should start using products with HA in them!


HA boasts the scientific property of being “hydrophilic” or water-binding. This means that just a single drop of HA can retain up to 1000 times its weight in water! Hence, one of the greatest benefits of HA is its unparalleled ability to seal and lock moisture into the skin, giving much needed respite especially to those with dry complexions. 


HA is ‘smart’ in the sense that the amount of moisture it absorbs can be adjusted to suit the relative conditions of a particular climate, season, and humidity. This means that with the right knowledge, HA can be used effectively even in extra humid climates like Singapore!

Secondly, HA is adaptable and can be utilised to tackle issues such as sagging, haggard skin, or skin that has lost its moisture and elasticity. This is why it popularly used in areas such as medial aesthetics: it can be found, for instance, in injectables like dermal fillers to give a boost in hydration or to restore the volume loss that results from aging.


Just like Vitamin C, HA also comes with a slew of significant benefits, which include:

  1. 1. Great at giving Moisture Boosts
  2. 2. Increases your Skin’s Smoothness
  3. 3. Restores and Retains your Skin’s Elasticity
  4. 4. Restore Youthfulness
  5. 5. Reduces any Wrinkles or Fine Lines

Knowing how much HA can help your skin, several of Dermagold’s products have been infused with this scientific ingredient! This consists of: our all-rounded, beauty essential Miracle C+, our skin-strengthening Secret Lift Serum, and last but not least, our potent HA booster, which is actually made of 100% pure HA to keep even the driest skin hydrated. Simple, safe, and effective, these are the key motivations behind the SCIENCE+NATURE equation.

In the last two parts, you have seen how Dermagold uses elements of science to create effective and locally-tailored products for those in Singapore and Southeast Asia to use with ease. In the final edition of the SCIENCE+NATURE series next week, we will venture on to discuss the ‘nature’ of Dermagold’s award-winning and seamlessly integrated formulas, our best (but not so secret!) secret, the superberry seabuckthorn.


The SCIENCE+NATURE Formula (Part 1) - How Vitamin C Benefits Your Skin

While it may be general knowledge that Vitamin C is a vital and beneficial nutrient for our bodies, did you also know that there are actually two different forms of Vit C you can find in skin products? We’ll give you a sneak peek behind Dermagold’s award-winning formulations to learn the difference between the two, and expound on the many reasons why Vit C is a natural elixir for your skin. Read more to find out!

Vitamin C is essential to a healthy and balanced diet – this is not breaking news to most. Being a key nutrient behind the maintenance and repair of body tissues, this in turn translates into Vit C having positive, outer impacts on our skin. Having said that, you should be aware that Vit C tends to take on 2 forms in your skin products, each with varying effectiveness:

1. L-ascorbic acid (typo)(Vit C in its purest form), and

2. Ascorbyl phosphate OR Vit C Ester


L-ascorbic acid, while pure and generally good for the skin, can actually result in issues such as skin irritation. People with sensitive skin may even experience burning sensations when they use products with L-ascorbic acid and, if it worsens, redness on the face.

This type of Vit C also oxidises and degrades at a faster rate, especially when it is exposed to air! Not only does this mean that it has to be stored under special conditions – its effectiveness gradually fades as it oxidizes too.


At Dermagold, we choose to use Vit C Ester, which is also derived from Vit C but is much more stable than its counterpart. Storing is less of a problem because it is less volatile, and a much wider range of people can use it due to its lowered skin irritability – including those with more sensitive skin! This already earns it two thumbs up, and we haven’t even started on the other significant benefits of using Vit C Ester:

  1. 1. Anti-oxidant properities (reverses the damage of oxidation on skin)
  2. 2. Reverses sundamage
  3. 3. Lightens pigmentation and Brightens skin
  4. 4. Improves skin smoothness and luminosity
  5. 5. Anti-aging properties (stimulates collagen synthesis in your skin, improving firmness and elasticity whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles)
  6. 6. Balances oil and sebum production

Has this info persuaded you to add a bit more Vit C into your diet? (:


Although we commonly get our daily dose of Vit C from natural sources such as food – think oranges, grapefruit, and veggies – did you know that we would have to consume 3g of Vit C a day in order for there to be visible effects on our skin? That’s a lot!

That being said, do not despair, because food and oral vitamins are not the only options you have (;

This is why Dermagold has made it a priority to craft much easier and more effective ways to give your skin Vit C. By producing skin food that is high in Vit C Ester, like Dermagold’s award-winning Miracle C, the process of giving your skin sufficient Vit C has become much easier and effective!

Moderating and maximizing the amount of Vitamin C is an excellent way to consistently make sure your skin has what it needs to shine. This is why Miracle C is loved by its users, and also why Dermagold believes in marrying the best of both SCIENCE and NATURE in our concoctions to produce the most simple but effective products. We hope we’ve been able to enlighten you to Vitamin C benefits for your skin so you can make more informed decisions for your own skincare routines!

Keep your eyes on the blog as next week, we cover the second part of our SCIENCE+NATURE formula series. You can look forward to discovering why hyaluronic acid is a ‘smart’ compound you should include in your beauty routine.




With the majority of sun protection advertisements geared towards women, people often forget about the implications of sun damage for men too. Here are reasons why men should watch out for their skin and ensure that they have adequate and daily ultraviolet (UV) protection.

The basic fact is this: sun protection is imperative to every single skin type; it doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, or whether you skin is on the sensitive or rough side! Covering yourself with sunblock significantly protects your skin against early signs of aging, skin discolorations as well as skin cancer.

If you’ve read our article on why it’s important to put on sunblock in Singapore, you will know that skin cancer is one of the leading cancers contracted by both Singaporean men and women. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays is known to be the most important risk factor in contracting skin cancer. So, it’s time for men to change up and improve their outdoor game. This can be accomplished simply by remembering to slather your skin and face with sunblock before you head outside.

Men do not lead the same lifestyle in Singapore. While some of you may be sporadically in and out of the home, others may drive frequently on the roads, commute to the office on public transport, or be avid sports lover. However, one thing all men should make a part of their lives is a habit of applying sunblock – any exposure to the sun should necessitate its use!

Though you might think a short walk under the blazing afternoon sun or a few laps in the pool might not affect your skin, this isn’t the case at all – everything adds up over time! Even if your skin is not burned, it is constantly being aged by the sun and becoming increasingly susceptible to irreversible damage that will only surface when you are older.

Some men may notice, and even flaunt or laugh at the tanlines they get from spending time under the sun. However, there are deeper implications behind the contrast in your skin tone – it is evidence that men’s skin is not invincible to the sun’s powerful UV rays!

Remember that preventing yourself from sun damage is a lot simpler than trying to correct damage that has already been done; shield yourself with sunblock every day to ensure that your skin will be defended against any sun damage. Start young. Start now.

If you’re not sure how to incorporate sunblock into your daily habits, check out the simple solutions we’ve offered in our post about how to add sunblock into your lifestyle. And, if you’re looking for sunblock that is geared towards male users, do consider Dermagold Men’s range of sunblocks, as they have been tailored to suit men’s preferences and adapt to the hot and humid climate of the equator! 

(The following article has been adapted from the original article found on dermagoldmen.com)


Mother Nature’s Salve – Why Aloe Vera Is Good for the Skin

Aloe vera has always been used as a go-to cooling remedy – whether as a drink to quench your thirst on a hot day, or to treat burns medically. It’s no wonder that Dermagold’s Hydra Recovery Gel is an all-time favourite among many of our discerning customers. Using it allows your face to reap the full benefits of this wonderful plant, after all! Read on to find out more about the glories of aloe vera and our ultra-popular Hydra Recovery Gel!

Aloe vera’s potent effectiveness has been exemplified for centuries as it has been regarded as an ancient herbal skin remedy and, in current day, a popular and well-attested ingredient in the field of cosmetology.


Being Mother Nature’s method of healing wounds, Dermagold has integrated this natural salve into our Hydra Recovery Gel by drawing pressed juice from the inner part of the Aloe Barbadensis leaves, instead of simply using aloe powder.

The result? A bottle of skin-healing and rejuvenating goodness taken from nature’s doorstep! The gel boasts beneficial, post-suncare treatments for your skin such as, soothing the skin after sunburns and refreshing the skin to alleviate redness.

Simply apply it after you have been outdoors to enjoy instant relief. Being an excellent skin calmer, the Hydra Recovery gel accelerates healing and hydrates excellently.


If you would like to try this product out but aren’t an outdoorsy person, do not worry because it benefits your skin in many other ways besides post-suncare. These consist of:

• Healing aid (for scalds/burns)

• Calming your skin following Aesthetics Procedures (e.g. facials, laser treatments)

• Moisture booster (Especially in cold & dry climates or for long distance travel in plane to keep your skin from feeling dry)

• Soothing sensitive skin and redness

• You can even apply a thick layer on your face once a week as a DIY moisture mask to enhance your skin’s hydration!

Having bagged 2 awards recently (details here) has solidified the Hydra Recovery Gel’s reputation as a multi-faceted product that treats your skin with the utmost care. If you are interested to know more about this product, check it out here!


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