The Miracle C+ is our star product with an award-winning formula, having clinched the Editor’s Choice Great Skin Saver Award from Simply Her Magazine. In this short article, we will share with you the key reasons why it’s been a hit with everyone and why it is a fantastic addition that can fit into just about any existing skincare regime.

  1. Vitamin-infused Goodness

Vitamin C ester is the key element of this customer-favourite product! We all know that Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that can help boost our immunity and keep us healthy. Did you know that it also plays a part in terms of maintaining and repairing our body tissues? This is why Vitamin C is actually a great natural skin rejuvenator.

Using Vitamin C ester, a more stable form of Vitamin C, makes the Miracle C+ gentle on even the most sensitive of skin. Additionally, because it contains nutrients that support your skin, Vitamin C ester can reduce blemishes and brighten your skin after repeated uses. Our Miracle C+ is therefore ideal for all skin types, especially those prone to breakouts and healing from acne scars.

  1. An Intelligent Formula

Miracle C+ harnesses the benefits of Vitamin C ester and Hyaluronic Acid to enhance skin moisture and remedy dry skin. More than that, it has also been formulated to work synergistically alongside other skincare products. As it focuses on imbuing your skin with additional nutrients and boosting skin rejuvenation, it can be easily used as part of any skincare regime. However, it works best when used alongside Dermagold’s line of specially crafted products, each containing active ingredients that react with one another to allow the nutrients to penetrate more thoroughly into your skin.

To include the Miracle C+ in your skincare routine, simply apply it after cleansing and before using other skincare products. This will allow the Miracle C+ to sink into your skin easily and work its magic.

  1. Made Just For Singapore

Much of the popular skincare brands come from Korea, Japan and the US. Because of this, their products have been largely designed to cater to a climate that is very different from what we experience in Singapore. The intense tropical heat and humidity we face with everyday makes our skin that much different from our counterparts in Korea, Japan and US. As a result, when you use these popular international products, it’s important to note that they weren’t specially designed for Singapore weather!

The Miracle C+, on the other hand, is. To work effectively for Asian skin and the tropical climate, the Miracle C+ is a thin solution that can be applied easily onto the face – using only a small amount – and evaporates almost instantly, leaving your face feeling light and refreshed rather than sticky and wet. Not only does the Miracle C+ work in humid conditions, it can easily be used in other climates as well, as it can help your face to retain moisture in dryer climates. (Another reason why it’s intelligent!)

  1. The Spirit Behind Miracle C+

Have you ever wondered and realised how much your skin affects the way you feel about yourself? For many, imperfections on their skin may be a key trigger of loss of self-confidence and may make one feel lesser compared to others. The creation and vision for the Miracle C+ by the Dermagold team was in response to such negative thoughts and to give our clients a way to believe in themselves and their worth – to remind themselves that miracles do exist.

That is why our founders meticulously crafted the Dermagold skincare systems for over a decade, fine-tuning it before deciding to share it with a wider community. The spirit behind the Miracle C+ is to reinstill belief and confidence in yourself, to give yourself reasons to embrace who you are gradually.

No matter where you are in life right now, and what state your skin is in, we believe that miracles do happen – and our way of expressing this is by offering the first step towards countering your negative self-image in the form of the Miracle C+.

Remember that the biggest miracle that can happen can never come from a skincare product – it must ultimately come from within yourself, when you find the courage to love yourself. It is not about having flawless skin, but being able to accept ourselves for how we are slowly but surely. The act of being able to overcome our self-doubt and reignite our self worth is a miracle that Miracle C+ hopes to inspire.

The Miracle C+ can be purchased at Dermagold’s online store here, at Mint Medical Centre, which is near Harbourfront MRT or at Sugino International Clinic at Novena Specialist Centre.