Spoilt for choice on what face mask to use, and how to decide if a mask can give you the skin you want? The best answer is to use a mask that has been designed to work together with the rest of your skincare products! That’s what we’ve designed the Premier White Face Mask to be. Read more about it below.

Wondering how to use Dermagold’s Premier White Face? You can either use it by itself or synergistically with our Dermagold products to truly freshen your skin with a simple DIY facial.

A Simple but Effective Face Mask

The Premier White Face Mask can be used as part of any skincare routine. It complements your skincare regime but revitalizing your face and whitening your skin. Use it once or twice a week to pamper yourself.

While this mask can work with any product, we have specially formulated it to work hand in hand with the best Dermagold products. Unlike other masks which are designed to work standalone, our Premier White Face Mask will be able to capitalize on Dermagold’s other products to really enhance your skin.

Dermagold’s DIY Home Facial

Just pamper yourself once a week with our home facial to boost the effects of your skincare routine! The facial can be easily carried out in just 4 simple steps, using the best combination of Dermagold’s star products to rejuvenate your skin:

Step 1: Deep cleanse with a Purifying Scrub

Using the Purifying Scrub, apply a generous amount evenly over your face. This will act as a mask that can help to cleanse the dirt off your face. Our award-winning smart scrub has been crowned the Most Gentle Face Scrub (Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Awards 2014) and is infused with plant oils and Vitamin C, making it a treat for even the most sensitive of skin (you can read more about it here!).

By using the scrub before putting on your mask, you enhance penetration of active ingredients into your skin!

Step 2: Activate the mask with the Brightening Revitalizer

Good news if you have the Brightening Revitalizer (BR) which is infused with fruit acids to make clear the dead skin cells from your face and balance oil production (you can read more about this fantastic skin rejuvenator here!).

The BR has been designed to activate when used with the Purifying Scrub. The fruit acids present in the BR will react with the plant oils found in the scrub, boosting the effectiveness of the two formulas. As such, after applying a layer of the Purifying Scrub on your face, be sure to activate it by applying the BR.

Step 3: Apply the Premier White Mask

After Steps 1 and 2, you have successfully prepped your face for a refreshing and restorative facial. You need only apply Dermagold’s Premier White Mask to lock everything in place and to give your skin time to take in these nutrients.  

Step 4: Lie down & relax

Relax with your facial mask on for about 15 – 20 minutes. We recommend lying down in a dark room and listening to soothing music. It is important to take some time to ease the tension out of your body and to follow your skin to breathe and recuperate!

Do this routine once a week not only to get better skin, but also to give yourself a well-deserved break and a chance to slow down for a moment.