Welcome to the first part in a series of grooming guides Reinvention Journey will be creating for men. If you’re interested in how to improve your own grooming (or that of a male loved one), read on to find out 7 common follies men make when it comes to skincare!

One of the trending things on the male grooming scene is how more men have been seeking professional help for their skin. Clean and clear skin directly affects your confidence and helps you put your best face forward both at work and in social situations.

Despite this growing trend, a majority of men are still doing the wrong thing to their skin! So – seriously, guys –, if you want to be that perfect, suave and well-groomed gentleman that will be ready to take on your desk (and your date!), skim through the checklist below to see if you are guilty of any of these skincare mistakes!

  1. Using the Shower Gel as a 3-in-1: for Hair, Body and Face

Having seen our husbands doing this, we believe almost every man out there has done this at least once in their lives. The skin of the face, body and scalp differs in several aspects : thickness, number and size of follicles, and also sweat and oil glands. Hence, it isn’t ideal to double-up your shower gel as a facial cleanser.

A proper skincare routine should always starts with proper cleansing using an appropriate cleanser suited to your skin type (be it sensitive, dry, or normal). Be sure to take this step seriously and spend at least 30 seconds cleansing your face to see marked improvements!

  1. Using Your Partner’s Skincare

His and hers, and even individual skins, do have contrasting and wide-ranging demands! It may seem romantic and even cost-saving to use your partner’s ready-bought skincare, but following their skincare regime may not be the best thing to do. Your partner’s skincare product may be helpful in treating their specific, acne-prone skin, but the same cleanser can be damaging to your skin – simply because you’re not them!

Whether you have normal or problematic skin, you should get professional advice on the skincare practices that will be the best for your skin type. In hot and humind Singapore, the products which work best are water-based and light textured. These milder but no less effective skincare products layer on well on your skin, and are important points to look out for when investing in a product.

  1. Over-cleansing Your Skin

Don’t overdo it, even when it seems like your face is dirty and greasy! A common mistake for men to make is to over-wash their face. Cleansing twice daily, once in the morning and another time in the evening, is recommended for most men.

If you feel that your skin gets too oily in the middle of the day, seek professional skincare advice to find products that can help control your skin and do not risk damaging your skin further by over-cleansing!

  1. Not Using a Moisturizer Because You Have Oily Skin

This is a common misconception. Because many men find moisturizers “too sticky” or “too thick”, they end up not using one, especially those who own oily or acne-prone skin. The right thing to do is to get a water-based light moisturizer to use after cleansing. This ensures that you don’t experience that bothersome ‘sticky’ feeling, while ensuring your skin is healthy. After washing your face, your skin is left particularly dry and if you don’t apply the right moisturizer, your skin may end up producing even more oil, locking you into a vicious cycle!

  1. Shaving Too Much

The frequency of shaving is a widely debated topic in the men’s grooming industry. So how often should one shave? The answer to this pertinent question really depends on one’s skin type.

Some men have no problems at all shaving everyday while others with sensitive skin may develop problems like razor burns, razor bumps (ingrown hairs), increased sensitization and even inflammation. If your skin falls under the more sensitive side, it is suggested to spare yourself some “shave-free” days to allow your skin to calm down and prevent your shaver from inflicting damage on it.

  1. Hitting the Bed Without Washing your Face!

While most of us are aware of why this is wrong, many guys may find it too much of a hassle to do this after the end of a long and draining day. But, just for the record, sleeping without washing the day’s grim and dirt which have amassed on your face is not only a turn off to your partner, but increases the risk of getting clogged pores and aggravates acne problems!

Therefore, a proper cleansing routine is mandatory to prep the skin to repair and rejuvenate itself at night. We know that even the thought of having a ‘routine’ seems daunting and unnecessary, and this is why Dermagold Men’s range of facial care products has been streamlined into a few simple but effective products for you to slap on and rinse off just before you hit the hay. Check them out here!

  1. Not Using Sun Protection

Last but not least use sun protection. If you don’t know why this is so important, check out our articles on why sunblock is important in Singapore and also on why men need to starting putting on sunblock! This is especially important during long periods of sun exposure such as marathons or family day-outs to the park.

So, how did you fare on this checklist? Regardless of your result, you would know by now that the most effective product for male skin, and skin in general, is one that is suited to Singapore’s climate and is light-textured to maximise your comfort and bring out the best in your skin.

This is exactly what Dermagold’s range of skincare is designed to accomplish, and with our Dermagold Men skincare line, there is no longer any need to search for the right products for your skin that work effectively without asking too much from you. We have tweaked our water-based and award-winning formulas especially for male skin. Check them out here and we’ll see you again in our next male grooming guide!

(The following article has been adapted from the original article found on dermagoldmen.com)