How much skincare products have you amassed from casual trips to personal care stores and taking recommendation from friends, hoping that they will be the answer to soothing and reducing your acne, only to be disappointed by the (lack of) results? You’re not alone! Here’s one thing you need to know: in order to combat acne, you can’t just rely on one product. You need to adopt a holistic approach to improving your skin, and here’s how to do it:


  • Why is acne such a common problem in Singapore?

Acne is something many of us experience we hit puberty, and even as adults. It is not unusual to deal with acne problems through your early 20s due to differences in hormones levels. Singapore’s tropical, humid weather patterns also encourage breakouts and may be one major reason why our skin tends to rebel.


  • What is the best way to deal with acne in Singapore?

Controlling your acne must start with a proper skincare regime that tackles each of the problems and triggers of acne. A systematic and organised routine will gradually better your skin. Additionally, the different skin products must work in harmony and complement each other in order for you to see results – otherwise, your acne will not get better, no matter how many different creams you’ve applied on your face.

This is why Dermagold has devised the DgO Acne Clear System, a cohesive and holistic combination of products that each play a part in clearing and rejuvenating acne-prone skin. The system is especially suitable for those with mild to moderate acne. As for individuals with more severe acne, you can certainly use our Acne Clear System too but do consult a doctor for medical advice in order to get proper treatment for severe acne!


  • What is inside the DgO Acne Clear System?

There are a total of 4 main components of this system, which work synergistically to cleanse, calm and restore your acne-prone skin. There are also 3 supplementary products that may be used depending on the nature of your acne.

The 4 main components must be used in a systematic order in order to truly capitalize on their rejuvenating effects on your skin:


Step 1: Cleanse the bacteria, grime and dirt away with the Purifying Cleanser

This cleanser was designed for those with oily skin or acne-prone skin. It is able to cleanse skin that has excess oils or breakouts. Through thorough cleansing, the skin is cleaned and ready to absorb all the good nutrients from the following skincare products.


Step 2: Lock in the good stuff with Purifying Toner

The Purifying Toner protects acne-prone skin from becoming infected by impurities after cleansing, reducing the likelihood of the acne worsening. It also controls the oiliness of your skin and lighten spots when it is used with the Miracle C+ and Brightening Revitalizer.


Step 3: Give your skin a Vitamin C boost with Miracle C+

This award-winning star product contains Vitamin C ester, a type of concentrated Vitamin C that has numerous benefits when applied onto the skin. It helps to heal damaged skin and quickens its rejuvenation process. It also reduces the blemishes left behind by acne, and this is enhanced with the Brightening Revitalizer. You can read more about the Miracle C+ here.


Step 4: Apply the Brightening Revitalizer to rejuvenate your skin

The fruit acids found in the Brightening Revitalizer are key in the removal of dead skin cells. It also works together with the Miracle C+ and Purifying Toner to balance skin oils. With these three products, sebum production can be balanced and tamed with consistent use of the DgO Acne Clear System!

These are the four main components of the Acne Clear System, each of the products contain active ingredients that will react with one another and work together to bring out even more benefits to your skin. For example, the Vitamin C Ester nourishes the skin, and the Brightening Revitalizer enhances these effects by boosting skin clarity. (Read more about it here!)


Step 5: Apply Spot Acne Treatment Products


  • Botanical Acne Gel

This soothing gel is infused with natural and invigorating botanicals that will help treat mild acne or excessive oil on your face. Both gentle and effective, you can apply it after Step 4 in the Acne Clear System to give your skin and extra bit of goodness.


  • Spot On

If you have mild spots that you want to clear up, then the Spot On may be your answer. This solution targets spots and helps to dry and mattify them, making them appear lighter over time.


  • Skin Clear Peel

The latest addition to the Acne Clear System won the Her World Beauty Awards for Best Acne Spot Treatment. This effective anti-acne serum contains an optimal blend of acne-control ingredients like salicylic and glycolic acids which help to fight acne and encourage the renewal of skin cells. It provides immediate relief from acne and can be used to reduce sudden pimples. You can read more about the Skin Clear Peel in our feature of it here 

The DgO Acne Clear System is made up of products that have been designed and curated specifically to withstand and work in Singapore’s notorious weather. You can expect the positive effects on your skin to be enhanced rather than hindered, unlike other skincare products which may have been designed for more temperate climates and non-Asian skin.

As such, when it comes to conquering acne, it is about buying smart, quality products that work together, rather than buying a large quantity of products that don’t quite agree with one another. Buying a clearly defined system of products – like Dermagold’s Acne Clear System – is a step in the right direction to properly dealing with acne problems.


  • I have severe acne. Can the DgO Acne Clear System resolve my skin issues?

The DgO Acne clear system can be used on its own to treat mild and moderate acne. For those with more serious acne, you can seek advice from a medical doctor on how to use the system in combination with medical treatments for acne.

You can purchase the DgO Acne Clear System and find out more about medical treatments for acne at the Mint Medical Aesthetics Clinic, address below. You can also purchase the full DgO Acne Clear System on our online store here, and earn loyalty points!

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