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Award-winning Hydra Recovery Gel

Dermagold (featuring Dermagold Sensitive Skin System)

Was super excited to give Dermagold's products a try because they have a whole range of products that are so suitable for my skin problems! I have extremely sensitive skin so for those who are like me, these products would probably work the same for you because I really believe there isn't anyone else who has even more sensitive skin than I do... - Shanice Ang @ http://www.backatreality.blogspot.sg/

My Skin's SOS Saviors: Dermagold

Overall, I’m really impressed by Dermagold’s products. Certainly the Skin Elixir has impressed me, and has become an integral part of my skincare routine and I will be restocking once this one runs out. Miracle C+ is very effective and I would recommend this to anybody with pigmentation concerns. The Hydra Recovery Gel is a great one for keeping on standby for those who are prone to sudden sensitivities. - Linda Mok @ http://www.silverkis.com/

Perfect Skincare Solution - Dermagold - Delicate Skin Cleansing Mousse + Hydra Recovery Gel

I’ve always loved skincare, and cleansers are always my favourite products to pick out and swap around when I feel like my skin needs it. Having to try out a few brand of cleanser and i really love this ! - Mummy blogger Kelynn Nai @ www.kelynnstory.com

"Miracle C + is simply wonderful and feels good. Hydra Recovery Gel is very effective in calming down skin and feels great."

-LFK, 46

“I am a big fan of DERMAGOLD skin care. My favorite products include the Miracle C Plus, Brightening Revitalizer and Hydra Recovery Gel. I have used them for many years and I depend on them to keep my skin clear and supple. The Hydra Recovery Gel is especially a great product which I use when I travel (works super well in cold countries and on the plane) as a moisturizer, a mask (face & eyes) and a healing gel for minor cuts. DERMAGOLD skin care products have a pleasant smell and are effective.”

- Vereen Loh, 38, Yield Manager for Microsoft